AGAFIA VLADIMIROVNA (born between 1103 and 1107 - † before 1144), the youngest daughter of Vladimir Vsevolodovich Monomakh from the second marriage, Princess of Grodno (1116)


  • Vladimir Monomakh (1053-1125)


  • Euphemia († May 7, 1107?)


The youngest daughter of Vladimir Monomakh and his second wife, a Greek noblewoman, Euphemia. Her exact date of birth is unknown, presumably it was around 1104 [3, p. 604] Vladimir and Euphemia had several more children, however, due to the lack of accurate information regarding the death of Vladimir Monomakh's first wife, the Gytha of Wessex, and the confusion of the chronology of Vladimir's marriages, there are disagreements over whether the children of Monomakh were Yuri (Yuri Dolgoruky) and Maria (Maritsa) were born by his first wife Gttha of Wessex or Euphemia [1, p. 60-65; 4, p. 69]. Little information about Agafya has survived. It is known that in 1116 she married her father's longtime ally, the Volyn prince Vsevolodko [II, cl. 276], whom some researchers consider the son of Davyd Igorevich [3, p. 604]. In marriage Agafya gave birth to at least five children: three sons and two daughters, who later became the wives of the Turov and Chernigov princes [2, p. 327]. The date of the princess's death is unknown. Presumably she died before 1144: that year the daughters of Agafya and Vsevolodko were married. The fact that the marriage was arranged by the Grand Duke of Kiev Vsevolod Olgovich suggests that by 1144 the brides were already orphans [2, p. 327].


  • Boris Vsevolodovich (circa 1121-1169)
  • Gleb Vsevolodovich († 1170)
  • Mstislav Vsevolodovich
  • N, since 1144 the wife of Vladimir Davydov of Chernigov, since 1151 the wife of the Bashkord, Khan of Cumans
  • Anna († 1190), the wife of Yuri Yaroslavich of Turov


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