AGRAFENA ALEXANDROVNA (years of birth and death are unknown), Princess of Mozhaysk and Belozersk, since October 8, 1403 the wife of Andrey Dmitrievich, Prince of Mozhaysk and Belozersk


  • Alexander Patrikeevich, Prince of Koretsk († 1402)


Very little information has been attested about the daughter of Prince Alexander Patrikeevich of Koretsk, Agrafena.Mentions of her in the annals are reduced to the traditional indication of the date of the wedding and the birth of children [1]. On October 8, 1403, she was married to the fourth * son of Dmitry Donskoy, Andrei [I, p. 456; II, p. 232; 2, c. 25]. The name of Andrei Dmitrievich himself is also rarely found in the annals [3, p. 319-321]. Even before the wedding, according to his father's will, he received Mozhaisk, Beloozero and a number of other cities as his inheritance [3, p. 372]. He led the defense of Moscow during the attack of Khan Edigey in 1408. During the internecine war of 1425-1453, he probably supported his nephew, Vasily II Vasilyevich the Dark. Andrei Dmitrievich died on July 9, 1432 in his own land. His will was not preserved, but, obviously, the inheritance was divided between his sons. What part of the land holdings went to Agrafena and whether she was still alive at that time is unknown.

In the marriage, Agrafena and Andrei had three children.

The date of the princess's death is unknown.

*The seniority of the sons and daughters of Dmitry Donskoy is given according to V.A. Kuchkin [3, p. 20-27]


  • Ivan, Prince of Mozhaisk
  • Mikhail, Prince of Vereisk
  • Anastasia,the Grand Princess of Tver, the first wife of Boris Alexandrovich, the Grand Prince of Tver


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