ANASTASIA DMITRIEVNA (years of birth and death are unknown), Princess of Kholmsk, since September 23, 1397the wife of Ivan Vsevolodovich, Prince of Kholmsk; the third daughter ofDmitry Ivanovich Donskoy, Prince of Moscow and the Grand Prince of Vladimir and Evdokia Dmitrievna


  • Dmitry Ivanovich Donskoy, Prince of Moscow(1359–1389) and the Grand Prince of Vladimir (1363–1389)


  • Evdokia Dmitrievna, Princess of Moscow and the Grand Princess of Vladimir, the wife of the Grand Duke of Dmitry Ivanovich Donskoy, Prince of Moscow and the Grand Prince of Vladimir, the daughter of Dmitry Konstantinovich, Princeof Suzdal-Nizhny Novgorod (1365-1383)


Anastasia Dmitrievna was the third daughter of Dmitry Ivanovich Donskoy and Evdokia Dmitrievna [3, p. 19]. Her date of birth is unknown. In 1397 she was married to Ivan Vsevolodovich of Kholmsk, the son of Vsevolod Alexandrovich, Prince of Kholmsk [III, p. 1; VI, cl. 457]. For Ivan Vsevolodovich this marriage was the second.His first wife, unknown by name, died in 1395. As a dowry, he received from Vasily Dmitrievich Torzhok [2, p. 218]. It is difficult to say whether Anastasia accompanied her husband on his travels. In 1398 * due to the deteriorating relations with Lithuania, Ivan Vsevolodovich was sent by Vasily I to Pskov as governor, but he stayed there for only 4 months [I, cl. 195; II, p. 18; III, p. 130; IV, p. 71; V, p. 258; VI, p. 458]. He moved with his wife to Kashin and, apparently, remained there until the death of Prince Mikhail Alexandrovich of Tver. After the son of Mikhail Alexandrovich Ivan became the prince of Tver in 1399, Ivan Vsevolodovich went to Tver to make peace with him [III, p. 131; IV, p. 74; V, p. 297; VI, p. 451, 470]. These events date back to the annals of 1400. Two years later, Ivan Vsevolodovich died. Since the princely couple had no children, Ivan Vsevolodovich transferred his part of the Kholmsk inheritance to the heir of the Tver prince, Alexander Ivanovich [1, p. 358].

* The sources indicate a different date of arrival and, accordingly, departure of Ivan Vsevolodovich from Pskov: 1398, 1399, 1400.

The further fate of Anastasia is unknown.


none [IV, p. 451; 4, p. 546–547]


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