ANNA DMITRIEVNA (born January 8, 1388, the year of death is unknown), Princess of Moscow, since 1406 the wife of the Lithuanian prince Yuri Patrikeevich


  • Dmitry Ivanovich Donskoy, Prince of Moscow (1359-1389), the Grand Prince of Vladimir (1363-1389)


  • Evdokia Dmitrievna, Princess of Moscow and the Grand Princess of Vladimir, the wife of Dmitry Ivanovich Donskoy, the Grand Prince of Moscow, the daughter of Dmitry Konstantinovich, Prince of Suzdal-Nizhny Novgorod (1365-1383)


Anna Dmitrievna was born on January 8, 1388 [II, cl. 153; III, p. 137]. She was the youngest of the daughters of Dmitri Donskoy and Evdokia Dmitrievna [3, p. 19].

In 1406 she was married to the Lithuanian prince Yuri Patrikeevich, the great-grandson of the Lithuanian prince Gediminas, who had come to serve in Moscow. There are several conflicting accounts of this marriage. The pedigrees call Anna either Vasily Dmitrievich's sister or his daughter [IV, p. 232; VI, p. 88; VII, p. 80, c. 136; 2, p. 155-156]. A. V. Eksemplyarsky believed that a certain Maria, one of the daughters of Vasily Dmitrievich, became Yuri's wife, but his assumption was not confirmed [4, p. 147]. To date, the personality of the wife of Yuri Patrikeevich, who arrived at the service, is considered the daughter of Dmitry Donskoy, Anna [2, p. 155-156]. In addition to source analysis, this fact is indirectly confirmed by the very reasons why it could arise. The arrival of Yuri Patrikeevich in Moscow, apparently, was associated with the transfer of the Lithuanian prince Alexander Nelyub to the side of Vasily Dmitrievich during the Lithuanian-Rus war that broke out in 1406, when as well as Alexander there were many Lithuanian service people in Rus [V, p. 234; I, c. 28].

The exceptional status that Gediminas's great-grandson received at the court of Vasily Dmitrievich was undoubtedly associated with the high position of his wife, the sister of the Moscow prince. For Vasily, Anna's marriage can also be considered more or less profitable and quite logical, because through Gediminas, Yuri had family ties with Vasily's wife Sophia Vitovtovna.

In a marriage with Yuri, Anna had two sons, Vasily and Ivan. From Vasily came the noble princely families of the Bulgakovs, Golitsyns, Kurakins, Shchenyatevs.

The exact date of Anna's death is unknown.

It should also be noted that based on the information of A. V. Eksemplyarsky about the marriage of Yuri Patrikeevich with a certain Maria, it was suggested that Anna died in infancy or was the first childless wife of a Lithuanian prince [1, p. 244]. According to another version, she could have married Prince Lengvenis Olgerdovich after he was widowed in 1399.  


  • Vasily Yurievich, the founder of the princes Bulgakovs, Golitsyns, Kurakins, Shchenyatevs
  • Ivan Yurievich (?)


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