EVDOKIA OLELKOVNA (the year of birth is unknown - † November 25, 1467 in Suceava in the Moldavian principality), Princess of Moldova, since July 5, 1463 the second wife of the Moldavian ruler Stephen III the Great


  • Olelko (Alexander) Vladimirovich, Prince of Kiev (1442-1455)


  • Anastasia Vasilievna, Princess of Kiev, daughter of Vasily I and Sophia Vitovtovna, sister of Vasily II Vasilyevich the Dark


Very little is known about the daughter of the Kiev prince Olelko Vladimirovich and Anastasia Vasilievna. In July 1463 she was married to the Moldavian ruler Stephan III the Great [2, p. 61, 102]. According to one version, she was the second wife of a Moldovan prince, who  for the first time was married to a certain Marusha, the origin of which is unknown. Sometimes Marusha is called Stephan's concubine, and Evdokia is called the first legal wife.

It is also unknown whether Stephan's eldest son Alexander was the son of Evdokia or Marusha.

In the marriage with Alexander Evdokia gave birth to three children. Her daughter Elena would later become the wife of Ivan Ivanovich the Young, the son of Ivan III from his first marriage.

Evdokia lived a short life: just in 4 years after the wedding she died in childbirth (or, according to another version, due to illness) [1, p. 196; 2, p. 102].

The grave of Princess Evdokia Olelkovna was discovered during excavations in the Mireuci Church of St. George [3, p. 25].


  • Alexander (?)
  • Peter (to Petrow)
  • Elena Stephanovna (of Moldavia) (born at the end of 1465 - † January 18, 1505) [3, p. 21], the Grand Princess of Tver, the Princess of Moscow and the Grand Princess of Vladimir, since January 12, 1483 the wife of Ivan Ivanovich the Young, the Prince of Tver, the Prince of Moscow and the Grand Prince of Vladimir.


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