MARIA ANDREEVNA (years of birth and death are unknown), Princess of Vereisk, since 1480 the wife of Vasily Mikhailovich, Prince of Vereisk, daughter of Andrei Palaiologus, brother of Sophia Palaiologina


  • Andrew Palaiologus, titular emperor of Byzantium and Despot of Morea (1465–1502), brother of Sophia Palaiologina


  • Ekaterina unknown by origin


The year of birth of Maria, the only daughter of Andrei Palaiologus and niece of the Grand Princess of Moscow Sophia, is unknown. In sources her name appears only a few times.

In 1480, Maria, not without the intervention of Sophia, was married to the service prince Vasily of Vereisk, nicknamed the Daring, the son of the appanage prince Mikhail Andreevich of Vereisk and Elena of Borovsk. This marriage was, apparently, beneficial primarily to Andrei Palaiologus, who personally arrived in Moscow for the wedding [3, p. 90].

As a wedding gift, Sophia gave her niece the so-called "sazhenie" - a necklace made of precious stones, which previously belonged to the first wife of Ivan III, Maria Borisovna. A few years later, in 1483, it turned out that Sophia had no right to dispose of the jewels. Ivan III wished to present the "sazhenie" to his daughter-in-law Elena Stefanovna in honor of the birth of her son Dmitry. When the truth was revealed, Ivan III sent messengers to Vasily demanding the return of the jewelry. But Vasily, without waiting for the anger of the Grand Prince to overtake him, fled to Lithuania with his wife [II, cl. 318; III, p. 202–203]. It should be noted here that the story with the jewelry was more a pretext than a reason for the flight of the prince [1, ch. 4; 2; 3, p. 94; 5, p. 59; 6, c. 889]. Ivan III pursued a consistent policy of annexation of appanage principalities to Moscow. The agreement concluded with Mikhail of Vereisk even before the flight of his son and daughter-in-law on the transfer of Beloozero to the Grand Prince had already significantly infringed upon the rights of Vasily [I, no. 75, p. 277-283]. After his escape, according to subsequent treaties, Ivan III became the owner of the entire inheritance in the event of the death of Mikhail [I, no. 78, p. 293-295].

In Lithuania their only daughter, Sophia, in the future wife of the Lithuanian governor Albrecht Goštautas was born [about her see: 4, ch. 3].

It is known that Sophia Thominichna tried several times to return her niece to Moscow. In 1494 she achieved forgiveness for Maria and Vasily, but the fugitives remained in Lithuania [IV, p. 211-212].

The exact date of Maria's death is unknown. .


  • Sophia Vasilievna (Goštautas), the wife of the magnate of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania Albertas Goštautas [4, Ch. 3]


The necklace ("sazhenye") of Maria Borisovna of Tver is mentioned in the sources.


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