VASILISA DMITRIEVNA (the year of birth is unknown - † after 1354), the Grand Princess of Vladimir, since 1294 the second wife of Grand Duke of Vladimir Andrei Alexandrovich


  • Dmitry Borisovich of Rostov, Prince of Rostov (1278-1286, 1288-1294), Prince Uglich (1285-1288)


Vasilisa was the youngest daughter of the Rostov prince Dmitry Borisovich [1, p. 28]. Her maternal origin is unknown, since in the chronicals only the fact of the marriage of Prince Dmitry of Rostov without specifying the name of the bride is mentioned [I, p. 203; III, p. 41; 1, p. 25]. In addition to Vasilisa, the family had three more children: the eldest son Mikhail and two daughters, Anna and one unknown by name [1, p. 29].

In 1294 Vasilisa and Anna married almost at the same time - to the son and brother of Alexander Nevsky: Andrei Alexandrovich and Mikhail Yaroslavich of Tver, respectively. Thus, the sisters turned out to be the wives of their nephew and uncle's relatives. It is known about three sons born in the marriage of Vasilisa and Andrei.

The date of death of the princess is unknown, presumably after 1354.

Sons [1, p. 53]


  • Boris (died February 25, 1303), Prince of Novgorod and Kostroma
  • Mikhail (died in 1311) [II, p. 254]
  • Yuri


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